Open enrollment tie the seventh edition of masterterra until August 4

This discipline is a pioneering activity at the national level, because of all the Spanish universities only lucense the Campus offers a multisectoral approach. The telepresence mode is another of the aspects that make this a unique initiative in the Spanish university. Through this system, the Polytechnic School of Lugo offers the possibility of foreign students and other universities to complete the course without to move to the Galician capital, also participating in the development of learning activity in the classroom.
Composition of the master
It has 60 credits and 22 seats, of which 3 art part-time and 8 are reserved for students fron outside the national territory. The registration can be done through the official website of the USC, at the following link: httpps://
It lasts up to two years maximum. Addresses the territorial management, integrating knowledge of other qualifications such as Forestry or Agricultural Engineering, Architecture, Geography and Economics. The subjects taught are related to development policy  planning, land, management, the appraisement of urban planning, cadastral evaluation or analyis techniques known spatial information as GPR or drones. It has, therefore, a relevant and practical application in every square of territory, either the urban or rural.
Sixteen experts in the field and other visitors up fifteen teachers. It has the support and fundin from public and private, such as the Council of Lugo or the Foundation Juana de Vega entities. Best Proyects Master Thesis wil also be published by the USC in one of te annuals of it.

Published: 8.07.2016