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Quality assurance

Results and indicators

These are provided, along with those of other programmes, by the Vice-rectorate of Social Responsibility and Quality Assurance.

Internal guarantee and quality system

Internal Guarantee and Quality System of the Higher Polytechnic School.

Internal enquiry among students

Our master programme carries out, at the end of each academic year, an internal enquiry among students. This is independent and complementary of the official enquiry carried out by the University for all programmes. Our objective here is to explore aspects not included in the latter. Basically, we request students to evaluate several aspects in a scale from 1 to 5 (where 5 is the best). These items include:

  • The objectives of the programme
  • The structure of the academic plan (number and type of courses, and how these are distributed along the year)
  • Coordination among different different lecturers and courses
  • Academic organization (timetable, calendar, and how changes in these are managed)
  • Faculty
  • Participation of invited lecturers
  • Quantity and quality of equipment and classrooms
  • Field visits (number and general interest)
  • Degree of fulfillment of overall expectatives
  • Rationality of work load
  • Working environment among students and between students and lecturers
  • Master thesis as practical application of knowledge and habilities learnt during the year
  • Proffesional applicability of contents
  • Overall evaluation of the programme

The average results for each question in academic years 2010-2011 to 2013-2014 are available in the pdf below.