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Programme overview

Master programme with limited placement and unespecific admission criteria
ECTS credits: 60
Courses: 16, including a master thesis
Number of places: 22
                                   of which 3 for part time students *
                                   and 8 reserved for foreign students
* 30 credits/academic year. Most courses will take place using complete evenings, which could allow part-time students to attend classes on selected days.
Character: students are expected to attend all courses (it is possible to attend classes using videoconference)
Branch of knowledge: engineering and architecture

Continuation / Academic Standing Requirements: Standing requirements of the University (Spanish)

Languages: Galician, Spanish and English (B1 level recommended)
Centres responsible of the programme / centres were it is taught:
  • Escola Politécnica Superior
  • Instituto de Biodiversidade Agraria e Desenvolvemento Rural
Date of last accreditation by the Universitary Council (Consejo de Universidades): 30 June 2010

Authorization of programme establishment by the regional government (Xunta de Galicia): 16 September 2010 (Decree 150/2010)

Date of publication in official state gazette (BOE): 3 March 2011