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Frequently Asked Questions

Which steps should I follow to be admitted in the programme?

Check in the first place if you fulfil the requirements, apply for admission and submit the accreditative documents. Please read carefully the registration instructions.

If I hold a Bachelor degree in engineering (Ingeniero técnico), can I be admitted in the programme?

Spanish Ingenieros Técnicos are among the degrees that grant access to this Master programme. In general, any Bachelor degree should grant access as well, but you may want to check if it is included in the admission requirements.

How do I know whether I have been admitted or not?

The University will publish a list of admitted students, and you will receive a notification in the contact address you indicated.

Once I finished this programme, can I be admitted in a PhD programme?

You should apply for admission in the PhD programme you are interested in. Some PhD programmes in the USC include this master programme in their admission requirements.